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Metaverse Leader DigitalTwinXR Partners with Hollywood Studio V.A.L.I.S

Oct 07, 2021, 10:02 ET

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Silicon Valley based, leading Metaverse firm DigitalTwinXR and Hollywood based V.A.L.I.S Studio announce a strategic partnership to deliver an Immersive Technology Platform using Virtual & Augmented Reality with live interactive capabilities for the Metaverse and Universe.

In the past few months, leading technology companies such as Facebook and Microsoft have launched metaverse initiatives as the next paradigm shift. Organizations large and small are trying to hop on this change expecting to be part of the metaverse revolution.

Founded in 2017 initially as commercial producer of unreal gaming based Immersive/Interactive viewing of Dream Homes, DigitalTwinXR has taken an impressive early lead in emerging Metaverse.

DigitalTwinXR’s gamified augmented reality platform provides immersive 3D experience of any asset or objects such as landmarks, cities, rivers and streets. In addition, we enable super realistic virtual 3D concerts or virtual shopping boutiques among others, all with interactive capabilities in Metaverse. The idea is to take information about any object in our environment today and enable anyone to make choices about how they want to interact with these objects or experience an event…what if that model home wall were blue instead of green; what if they can change their kitchen countertop; how would this concert feel different if they could sit next to the drummer as he plays… all this in the Metaverse.

“DigitalTwinXR and V.A.L.I.S Studios share a unique vision and commitment to deliver the most compelling viewer experience in watching virtual 3D Concerts with life-like immersive capabilities and interactive moments. All this from the comfort of a location of your choice on any mobile device”, said Kris Narayan, CEO and Chairman of DigitalTwinXR. “Our virtual viewing experience using 3-D rendering, high resolution server-side streaming of digital video with high color depth and visual effects helps mimic being in the environment providing satisfaction of an intimate involvement and unmatched experience”, he added.

“We are excited to partner with DigitalTwinXR and together we will be able to help clients visualize and interactively experience their IP in the Metaverse,” said Peter Martin, CEO of V.A.L.I.S Studio.

“DigitalTwinXR is an early innovator of the Metaverse technology, leading the advancement in this sphere with their Immersive Augmented Reality based DreamhomeAR platform for the Real world as well as the Metaverse,” said Lee Caplin Founder, Chairman of Immersive Studio for Altered Reality (iSTAR) at Florida International University. “This partnership with V.A.L.I.S studio is a key development to bring the world of technology and entertainment closer, specifically the 3-D virtual concerts to Metaverse,” he added.

Founded in 2014, V.A.L.I.S is a next-gen studio specializing in virtual production collaborating with A-list artists such as Justin Timberlake and Usher as well as media platforms and brands to craft stunning experiences including the Emmy winning 4-part VR series “Capturing Everest” and the world’s first cinematic virtualization of MLK’s “I have a Dream” speech that was featured in Fortnite experienced by 350 million gamers worldwide.

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